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Fee Schedule & Conditions

Jones East 8


Jones East 8 have a policy of working with a clear instruction and will only show properties with an agreement in place.

Unless explicitly agreed to the contrary, the agency service fees are chargeable on a success basis, that is, no success means no agency fee. Success means the Client entering an agreement to transfer real estate rights following introduction of a property, vendor, buyer, lessee or the like. However and explicitly, when the Client instructs contract preparation, survey, valuation or other non agency service but real estate rights are not transferred for whatever reason other than Jones East 8 negligence, the fee for the non agency service will be charged based on the fee agreed. If real estate rights are not transferred the agency fee does not arise. A retainer (to be deducted from the fee due on success) may be sought for requirements likely to involve substantial early work. Where a client has existing premises a provision to renegotiate current lease terms may be made a condition of appointment on the basis of half fees for leasing.

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