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tel: (380 44) 490 6962
(380 50) 441 9180
Ivana Franka 4,
Kyiv 01054

Tips to search propery

Jones East 8


We offer property on the long term only basis (minimum 1 year).

Property type

There are wide range of residential properties available on the Kiev real estate market.
But generally its can be divided into two groups: apartments and houses.


The number of rooms includes living room, bedrooms and dining room.
Bathroom, kitchen and pantry are not included in the room quantity.

Square metres

You can perform search by gross area. Gross area includes total area of all rooms, kitchen, bathrooms etc.

Rent US$ per month

Depending on your budget you can search property based on US$ equivalent.
However on the result page you will see prices and currency asking by a landlord.
These are asking prices and are subject to negotiations.
Discount of 10% and more are achievable.

US$ sale

Some of properties are available to buy. You can search property based on
US$ equivalent. Result page will show you prices in actual currency,
asking by the landlord.


There are numerous places in Kiev, suitable for comfortable living.
You can minimize daily traveling choosing property closer to your future work
or school for your children.


Some of properties in our database do not have photos. You can exclude them
from searching by checking "with photo only" checkbox.


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